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Words Have Power

Over the past few weeks I have been on journey of fast forward self discovery. And one of those discoveries (although I'm sure I should have cottoned on before now) is that the words I say carry power and healing.

I have learned a lot about words since learning about hypnotherapy and how words can be accepted or rejected based on someone's internal beliefs. But it has been proven to me recently that the right words, at the right time, have the power to unlock secrets and transform perfective in a profound way.

I have started a new YouTube channel, prompted by a soul sister, to put my words out into the universe, trusting that whatever is being spoken through me will be of use to others. There is no planning involved in this channel. I have no idea what I will say before I start recording. I am speaking to myself as I talk and I trust it will bring clarity to you as it does me. Much love, Lorna x

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