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Lessons from my own healing journey

I have been on my journey of self-healing for the past 6 years so thought it would be good to share some of the things I’ve learnt along the way. While all our journeys are unique, I feel there is a lot of common things that come up so below is my top 5 lessons.

1. Keep track of what you are reacting to and how you are feeling Being aware of your emotions and reactions is a fantastic guidepost to understanding your limiting beliefs and trauma’s. One of the hardest pills I had to swallow is to accept that if something was making me angry, it’s because there is some aspect of me that has done that in the past. We are all swimming in a giant sea of energy that reflects our own energy back at us. That’s why people say “as above, so below” or explain that we are in a mirror universe. It’s simple physics! When you get the hang of this and you can observe your emotions and reactions, the whole process becomes a bit like a detective drama where you are looking for clues. It also really takes the heat out of the situation and journaling is a fantastic way of keeping track of your progress. 2. Be aware of your ego! Let’s say for example you commit to going to the gym twice a week to get in better shape. Your ego will have a problem with this as its clever enough to work out that if you did indeed go to the gym twice a week, then you would change. Ego’s do not like change, they like safely, they like doing things that are known and done before. That is why changing habits has always felt like a struggle for me as I was experiencing a power struggle between the old me (My ego) and the new one wanting to manifest 😊 I don’t want to demonise the ego here (As I have done this a lot previously) the ego is an important part of us that keeps us safe and gives us identity. Its more a case of working with the ego, listening to what it has to say and parenting it like a father teaching his daughter to ride a bike.

3. Patience The journey of self-healing can feel like a long and arduous expedition though one thing I learnt was don’t become obsessed with getting it over with. As we integrate our understanding of ourselves, our past and our patterns of behaviour, it takes time to adjust so don’t rush it. It’s a bit of a joke now though every time I peel back another layer off the onion I think to myself “Phew..that was hard. Surely that has to be the last one” Ummm not so fast kiddo! Having done this several times I’ve learned now to just relax, stay mindful, savour the journey and if nothing comes up, Great! And if something does come up then also Great! I’m so grateful to have brought attention to an aspect of myself that was unconscious before.

4. Self-Love Having love for myself was difficult and I still have a bit of work to do though I’m getting there with practice. There are times when you have realisations and its easy to fall into the trap of either hating yourself or falling into victimhood. (I.e. why is the universe punishing me!). Its only in being honest and truthful with yourself that you can create a foundation to build on. Gratitude is a fantastic tool to transmute any negative memories or experiences so keep that in mind, better yet, write it down, so you remember when you are lost in an emotion or feeling. I highly recommend you writing yourself a love letter. I might do another blog post on that separately though it’s a great test to see how much you do love yourself, if you find it hard writing it in the first place.

5. Don’t grasp In this crazy world of misinformation, agenda’s and social programming its easy to get attached to previously held truths. We sometimes invest so much time defending a certain view or belief it becomes draining because we feel we have invested time in it. Even more so, if we have attached a belief to our own sense of self. This is when the ego will protect it at all costs. As we grow, our level of understanding grows. You get to see that all truths are true from a certain perspective. This diagram is a good illustration of this fact.

I’ve learnt to have a loosened grip on my understanding of the world around me. We live is such a complex mirror reality its only natural that our understanding of it changes as we grow. Every day is a school day and if I got it wrong then I have compassion for myself... I’m doing my best with what information and understanding I have 😊

If you would like some help or guidance with your journey of self-healing please get in touch. We would love hear from you.

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