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How Russell Brand helped me wake up

In this first blog I will sharing my journey of self-realisation and how Russell Brand was a massive help in me achieving this.

There aren’t many people in western culture who haven’t heard of Russell Brand, and like many, it was his hilarious comedy and stand-up routine that first attracted me to him. His command of the English language, his cheeky cockney style and audience interaction made me feel like I’m being submerged into an Edwardian bath of silky long words and flirtatious entanglement. When I cut through the laughter, I realised Russell was offering the world something more than just comedy.

“I believe in years to come humanity will recognise the role Russell Brand played in waking up western civilisation.”

He has a tremendous openness and ability to lay his life bare on stage which I find very endearing. Russell Brand knows his demons and has the wonderful ability to use comedy to make them as digestible as a packet of Scampi Fries purchased down your local Plough and Harrow.

Aside from his comedy and dalliance on the silver screen Russell Brand started a Podcast series off on Spotify called “Under the Skin”. Although he moved the podcast to Luminary you can still listen to a lot of the episodes for free. It was through listening to these episodes I started expanding my awareness and followed his breadcrumb trail of clues to discover the likes of Alan Watts, Erkhartt Tolle, Mooji, Terrance McKenna, Dr Brené Brown and someone dear my heart… Carl Jung. It was reading the works of Jung that changed my life and helped me make the decision to move away from my 20-year career in IT to become a therapist/healer and a writer.

Why should I listen to the podcast?

Russell Brand resonates with me particularly as he is a man who through his hedonistic experience of life and flexing societal boundaries has been able to prove how little freedom and power we have. Unlike many celebrities who have podcasts, his choice of guest and questioning highlights his intention of educating society rather than viewing figures and profit. I love how he carefully navigates us through the thorny world of censorship like a tightrope walker navigating a ravine of sharp rocks and media infested waters. Covering a wide spectrum of topics around psychology, theology and mindfulness you get a lot of bang for your buck with the show. I love how he evolves his own understanding and you can see that as the shows progresses.

I understand that not everyone ‘gets’ Russell Brand and some scoff at his shady past of addictions and excess though I don’t think anyone is in a position to throw stones. We are all addicted to something and it doesn’t matter if it’s a partner, TV, nicotine; cocaine, weed or Diazepam. We are all using something to fill the infinite void we hold through lack of love for ourselves. To improve, to numb, to escape, to feel something in a society that’s devoid of heart and lost its way. As a therapist, I can see that every human has a positive and negative side. If we mistake ourselves as being all sweetness and light, we blind ourselves of the unconscious narcissistic behaviour that manifests out of our ignorance. The key to becoming a whole person is accepting the rose bud and the thorns on the rose bush of being human. It is only through understanding ourselves, though sharing our emotions, having therapy, and taking time to heal we can be become conscious of our actions and stop repeating our self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour.

Hypnotherapy and Reiki

Our unique combination of Reiki and hypnotherapy has helped our clients to kick addictions, process old emotions and become an authentic happy version of themselves. If you need any help becomes whole or just want to find out more about hypnotherapy and Reiki then please get in touch.

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